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GEIGER's highest priority is that our customers look and feel good wearing GEIGER. Our designs breathe this core idea through the cunning and innovative use of GIEGER's very own Walk and Knit specialties, as well as our findings and accent materials. A meticulous care for detail concerning fit and workmanship assures comfort in every aspect. All this allows you to rest assured that our processes are designed to respect the environment and the human rights of our workforce. We invite you to read on and decide for yourself if you can trust GEIGER to offer fashion with a high ''EQ'' (Eco IQ).


Newest from GEIGER 2018.2 Collection
GEIGER toggle coat
GEIGER "Flausch" wool; light on the shoulder's but warm!
GEIGER's faux rabbit collar short jacket
GEIGER skirt and jacket from the 2018.2 Fall Winter collection

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Sanda Wimmet