Vermont HoneyLights Gifts

9 Main Street
Bristol, VT 05443
(802) 453-3952 | (800) 322-2660
Fax: (802) 453-2436
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Main Street Bristol, across from the bakery
Monday - Friday 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

about us

Vermont HoneyLights is a family-owned business located in the picturesque village of Bristol, Vermont. All of the beeswax candles are hand-molded and poured onsite with a focus on the environment. Beeswax is the only truly ''green'' wax in that it is good for our air to burn, completely renewable and good for the honeybee. Honeybees pollinate every third bite of food we eat.

Along with the beeswax candles, Vermont HoneyLights retail shop also features a wide selection of only USA made items, including cards, handbags, household goods, specialty foods and body care. A wide selection of functional antiques and vintage pieces are available along with visual inspiration on how to incorporate them into your home.


  • Non-toxic beeswax
  • Vintage furnishings
  • Family-owned
  • Processing on-site